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According to a report by Mobile Marketing Watch, 98% of all text messages are opened compared to 22% of emails. According to another study, nine in ten texts are read within three minutes of delivery.  It is important for salespeople to take note of these statistics.  Because texting is personal, that is what makes it a compelling channel for getting the attention of prospects. The fact that it is too personal, timing and technique become more important than with any other prospecting channel. 


Making an impact with 250 characters or less is tricky. For your text message to be effective, you have to engage your prospects and get them to take action immediately. Packing your message into a small space requires you to be creative, thoughtful and focused.  There are several things that you must follow to structure effective text messages. See mms marketing.


Introduce Yourself

Never take for granted that your prospect has your information saved on their phone. In most cases, they don't have your information, and when you send them a text message, they will not know who you are. It is a best practice that you include your name and company at the top of the text. 


Message Content is Crucial

What you say and how you communicate it has a lot of impacts. You must be careful that your tone is not misinterpreted negatively. You need to use complete sentences to avoid sounding sarcastic, harsh or flippant. 


Be Direct and Brief

You must say exactly what you mean in clear, precise and well-written sentences using good grammar and spelling. You need to keep in mind that this is a professional message. Ensure that the text has one to four short sentences or less than 250 characters whenever possible.  Do not use emoticons; the message must be professional as much as possible. Also, avoid rambling, run-on sentences.


Transparent Links

People are incredibly suspicious of shortened hyperlinks. Just like with email, when sending URLs to prospects that link to articles or other resources, you must send the complete URL  so they can know where they are clicking.


Avoid Abbreviations

When sending text messages to prospects, you must avoid using abbreviations as they don't come professional and the receiver may not understand what you mean.  Also, avoid acronyms and slang.


Don't Send Too Often

With the great power of text message marketing comes great responsibility.  Text messages interrupt your customer which is okay as it will get them to do what you want them to. However, if you send them too often, the customer is likely to get annoyed and unsubscribe. It is recommended that you send one text per week. Just view here for more info.

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